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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Iran regime hangs 70-year-old man after 14 years of imprisonment

Iran: Medieval, barbaric punishments
On Thursday, the Iranian regime’s henchmen hanged a group of nine men including a 70-year-old who had been held in prison for the past fourteen years, allegedly for drug-related offences.

The prisoners were all hanged in the main prison in the city of Bandar Abbas in the southern province of Hormozgan.

The mullahs’ judiciary in the southern province of Hormozgan confirmed the execution of the nine prisoners but did not identify them.

According to the information received, Heydar Mardani, 70, was executed as he was serving his 14th year of imprisonment.

The other victims are: Hossein AliKhah, Ahmad Qurashi, Farhad Kianian, Mohamad Ahmadi, Mehrdad Azmand, Qassem Maziar, Heydar Moridani and Mohamad Naroui. The youngest victim was 25 years old.

In recent days there has been a sharp increase in the number of executions taking place in Iran. In a seven day period between 12 to 18 April at least 81 prisoners were hanged in several prisons, meaning 12 executions per day.

The sharp increase in the wave of executions after an agreement was reached on the framework of a nuclear deal is a clear indication of the mullahs’ desperate need to create an atmosphere of fear in society in order to confront the explosive situation.

Inmates in prisons in the city of Karaj staged protests on April 12 following the transfer of their cellmates to solitary confinement in preparation for carrying out the criminal execution sentences. Protesting prisoner chanted: “We shall not let you kill us.” Similarly, families of the prisoners on the verge of execution also gathered in front of the prisons and shouted: “We shall not let you execute them.”

The Iranian Resistance has called on brave Iranian youths to express their solidarity with prisoners and the families of those executed, and urged them to protest against these brutal killings in the country.

Source: NCRI, April 24, 2015

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