Arizona: Execution witnesses have First Amendment right to hear entire process, 9th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that witnesses to Arizona executions have a First Amendment right to hear the entire execution process to help determine if executions are done “in a humane and lawful manner.”
The ruling comes 5 years after the last execution in Arizona ended up with the condemned inmate, Joseph Wood, gasping for almost two hours and in apparent agony behind soundproof glass.
A 3-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the claim, by seven death-row inmates and the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona, that the ability to hear what’s happening in the execution room will foster a heightened level of transparency around the death penalty.

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“People might say, ‘That sounds so gory, why do you want to hear what’s happening in there?'” said Morgan Loew, an investigative reporter with CBS 5 in Arizona and the president of the First Amendment Coalition. “What we’re doing is fighting for more access to probably the most …

El juicio de Pablo Ibar, un duro mazazo durante el rodaje ‘En el corredor de la muerte’

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El pasado mes de mayo, Pablo Ibar se libraba de la pena de muerte, pero era condenado a cadena perpetura. Era la resolución -aunque la sentencia será recurrida- de un caso por el que este hombre, que asegura ser inocente, lleva 25 años preso. Su calvario ha sido llevado a la pantalla por Movistar+ con En el corredor de la muerte, una ficción que se ha rodado en paralelo a las últimas noticias que iban llegando desde los juzgados estadounidenses.
El 19 enero, solo dos días antes de empezar a grabar las primeras escenas, llegó el primer revés: Ibar era declarado culpable tras la repetición del juicio que había ordenado el Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Florida. “La verdad es que fue un golpe muy duro para todo el equipo”, recuerda Miguel Ángel Silvestre, quien da vida al protagonista de la historia, “Estábamos ensayando Marisé Álvarez, Carlos Marqués-Marcet y yo y me llegó el mensaje de una amiga diciéndome que lo sent…

India: For first time in SC's history, single judge to decide appeals of bail, anticipatory bails

To reduce the growing backlog of cases, the Supreme Court has for the first time since its inception provided for sitting of a single-judge bench to hear appeals of bail and anticipatory bail in cases related to offences entailing jail term up to seven years. As per the rules which have been amended, the single judge would also hear transfer petitions.
The Supreme Court judges till now normally used to sit in the combination of two. Court number 1, which is presided over by the Chief Justice of India, also sits in the combination of three-judges.
A gazette notification was issued on September 17, through which the Supreme Court has amended its Supreme Court Rules, 2013.
It said the following categories of matters may be "heard and disposed of finally by a judge sitting singly nominated by the Chief Justice: Special Leave Petition arising out of grant, dismissal or rejection of bail application or anticipatory bail application in the matters filed against the order passed under s…

Delay in bill criminalizing sex outside marriage, gay sex divides Indonesians

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s decision to delay a planned vote in parliament on a new penal code that would criminalise sex outside marriage and gay sex was met by relief from some but sparked criticism from conservative Muslims who back the new bill.
The president said earlier on Friday that 14 articles needed further review by parliament and ordered the vote delayed. Critics warn the bill violates free speech rights and discriminates against religious minorities, women and LGBT people.
The bill also includes penalties for insulting the president’s dignity and a four-year jail term for abortions in the absence of a medical emergency or rape.
However, the bill still has significant support in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country, which has seen a growth in conservative interpretations of Islam.
“Indonesia is not a liberal country,” Nasir Djamil, a politician for the Prosperous Justice Party, an Islamic opposition party, said by telephone.
He accused th…

British couple could face death penalty for trying to smuggle heroin worth £2million out of Pakistan

A British couple could face the death penalty after allegedly attempting to smuggle £2m worth into the UK.
Mohammed Tahir Ayaz, 26, and his wife Ikra Hussain, 20, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire have been named by Pakistani authorities after their arrest at an airport.
The couple were trying to travel to UK via Dubai through international airline Emirates Airline's flight (EK-621) from Sialkot International Airport, on Thursday.
The Airport Security Force (ASF) found as many as 25 kilograms fine quality heroin in their luggage hidden in female clothes. 
Packets were sewed in different parts of several garments.
The couple allegedly told the ASF officials that they were trying to smuggle this heroin to UK from Sialkot-Pakistan via Dubai.
It was the one of the major attempts of heroin smuggling foiled by ASF at Sialkot international airport.
The ASF authorities took the heroin into custody and registered a case against the couple.
The cost of the seized heroin was stated to be mill…

Reflexiones sobre la pena de muerte y el tráfico de órganos en 'Seis formas de morir en Texas'

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La pena de muerte y el tráfico de órganos humanos con carácter comercial, he ahí dos temas importantes que han inspirado a Marina Perezagua la novela 'Seis formas de morir en Texas' (Anagrama). Una obra de ficción, pero no ficticia y, en cualquier caso, una trama imaginaria pero asentada sobre una excelente documentación que la autora sevillana, residente en Nueva York, ha ido acumulando. "Es -comentó la editora, Silvia Sesé, durante la presentación de la obra en Barcelona- una historia brutal que nace de la curiosidad, de la información y de la necesidad de contar historias que pasan en la vida real, aunque haciéndolo a través de la ficción".
Perezagua, que lleva quince años en Estados Unidos, explica que le costó un gran esfuerzo escribir esta novela que surgió del interés de comprobar cómo se había banalizado la muerte. Explica que en Norteamérica donde, como es bien sabido, subsiste la pena capit…

Congreso debatirá pena de muerte para violadores de niños en Colombia

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El concepto del Consejo de Política Criminal revive la discusión en la Cámara la próxima semana.
En medio del debate sobre la implementación de la cadena perpetua para violadores de niños en el Congreso, surgió una propuesta a través de un proyecto de ley para crear la pena de muerte en Colombia para los asesinos y abusadores sexuales de menores.
La mayoría de los miembros de Cambio Radical en el Cámara de Representantes apoyan la iniciativa del Gobierno para implementar la cadena perpetua para violadores de niños, pero el representante Jaime Rodríguez de ese mismo partido, explica que la razón sobre la propuesta de pena de muerte para violadores radica en la crisis carcelaria que vive el país.
El representante a la Cámara afirma que el hacinamiento y el gasto que invierte el Estado para sostener a los violadores en las cárceles del país es muy alto.
"Lo que he observado es que ha crecido el problema frente a la vi…

Tunisia Islamist party throws weight behind vote frontrunner

Tunis (AFP) - Tunisia's influential Islamist-inspired party Ennahdha said Friday it will support law professor and political outsider Kais Saied in a presidential runoff against jailed media magnate Nabil Karoui.
"Ennahdha has chosen to support the people's choice," party spokesman Imed Khemiri told AFP after last Sunday's first round of polling in which Saied finished ahead with 18.4 percent of the vote.
The surprise result of the election, contested by more than 20 candidates, thrust to the fore both Saied and Karoui, likewise from outside the world of traditional Tunisian politics.
Karoui came second with 15.6 percent, said the electoral commission ISIE, while Ennahdha, a main force in parliament, scored 12.9 percent with its first-ever candidate to run for the presidency, Abdelfattah Mourou.

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U.S.: Colt to Suspend Production of AR-15 Rifles for Consumers

The gun manufacturer said the market had an adequate supply of sporting rifles and it would focus on its military and law enforcement contracts instead.
The gun maker Colt said on Thursday that it would effectively suspend production of sporting rifles, including the AR-15, for the civilian market but continue to manufacture rifles for government weapons contracts.
In a statement on its website, Colt emphasized that the company remained “committed to the Second Amendment,” but cited market conditions for its decision.
“Over the last few years, the market for modern sporting rifles has experienced significant excess manufacturing capacity,” Dennis Veilleux, the company’s chief executive, said in the statement. “Given this level of manufacturing capacity, we believe there is adequate supply for modern sporting rifles for the foreseeable future.”
Colt’s decision is unlikely to make it more difficult for gun buyers to get their hands on powerful semiautomatic weapons, said Timothy D. Lytt…

California: Man accused of shooting couple in gated Palm Desert community is victims' grandson

The man charged with shooting a husband and wife in a gated Palm Desert community was identified by prosecutors on Thursday as the couple's grandson.
Frank Castro III, 32, is charged with shooting to death Frank Castro, 83, and Carolina Castro, 81.
Riverside County District Attorney's Office spokesman John Hall identified the relationship between the suspect and victims on Thursday. He provided no motive for the killings.
They were found slain in their home on the 43-000 block of West Calle Las Brisas on Sept. 11 in the Desert Breezes community.
The grandson pleaded not guilty last week to killing the victims. 
Castro was arrested after deputies arrived at the community about 2 p.m. on Sept. 11 while responding to a call of shots fired, according to the sheriff's department. 
After arriving, deputies detained Castro and found his grandparents inside the residence. 
Castro faces two counts of murder and a special circumstance allegation of multiple murders, Hall said. 
He …

UK to push Jamaica on LGBT rights, death penalty

The British Government will be pushing for changes to the treatment of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community in Jamaica as part of its efforts to promote shared values with regional states.
Outlining the United Kingdom's Strategy for the Caribbean, its six Overeseas Territories in the region and Bermuda up to 2025, British High Commissioner to Jamaica Asif Anwar Ahmad yesterday told journalists that the strategy has three pillars — partners on values, partners on prosperity, and partners on protecting people.
According to Ahmad, the strategy calls for increased support for the region on the UK's priorities which include good governance, human rights and democracy, including issues such as the death penalty and LGBT rights.
He noted that Jamaica already scores high in areas such as press freedom, democracy and freedom of religion, but said the UK will be pushing on other areas including shared positions in international fora.
“We have no expectation that Jam…