Japan | Trial ruling date for man accused of 1966 murder set for September

Iwao Hakamada, who in a rare example is being retried over a 1966 murder case, will be given a verdict on Sept. 26, the Shizuoka District Court said Wednesday, which could see him finally acquitted more than five decades after he was sentenced to death by the same court. In the last trial session, prosecutors again sought the death penalty for the 88-year-old, saying there is enough evidence to show that Hakamata is the perpetrator, while defense lawyers argued that he is not guilty.

India | Efforts on to raise money to save man facing death penalty in Saudi Arabia

THE HINDU BUREAU — Businessman and social activist Bobby Chemmanur, who has pledged to raise deliverance money to save Kozhikode native Abdul Rahim from death, continued his efforts on Thursday with a fund raising Yatra across Kerala.

The Yatra reached Kochi on Thursday from Thiruvananthapuram, proceeded to Thrissur and will go on to other districts before April 16 to save the Kozhikode native, who was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Chemmannur told the media here that ₹34 crore needed to be raised. A total of ₹18 crore has been collected so far, and Boche Fans’ Charitable Trust is appealing to the public to contribute to Abdul Rahim Legal Assistance Committee Trust. 

An amount of ₹16 crore more needs to be raised. 

Along with Boche Fans’ Trust, other organisations are also engaged in raising the money to save Abdul Rahim.

Mr. Chemmannur appealed to everyone to come forward to contribute to the fund and announced that the money realised from Boche tea sales through Boche Tea Lucky Draw Ticket Challenge on April 15 would be contributed to the Save Abdul Rahim Fund. 

Though Boche tea lucky draw was to be launched later this month, it has been moved forward considering the requirement to raise funds for the mission, he added.

Source: thehindu.com, Staff, April 11, 2024


"One is absolutely sickened, not by the crimes that the wicked have committed,
but by the punishments that the good have inflicted."

— Oscar Wilde

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