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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gov. Fallin rejects request to delay Richard Glossip's execution

Governor Mary Fallin
Governor Mary Fallin
OKLAHOMA CITY —Gov. Mary Fallin responded to requests from Richard Glossip's defense attorneys to delay his execution by 60 days.

Glossip was convicted in 1997 of paying to have his boss, Barry Van Treese, beaten to death.

Fallin released the following statement:

“For months, and as part of a larger publicity campaign opposing the death penalty, Richard Glossip’s attorneys have been publicly claiming to have new evidence that exonerates their client. During that time, my office and I have urged them to bring that so-called evidence to the proper venue: a court of law. Not only have Glossip’s lawyers not done so, but they have actively rejected requests from public officials to examine whatever materials they have. His attorneys even refused to share the contact information of so-called ‘new witnesses’ with Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater and with my office.

“Yesterday, forty-eight hours before Glossip’s scheduled execution, his attorneys presented my office with a binder of what they have labeled ‘new evidence.’ After reviewing it with my legal team, we have determined the vast majority of the limited content they have presented is not new; furthermore, we find none of the material to be credible evidence of Richard Glossip’s innocence. After carefully reviewing the facts of this case multiple times, I see no reason to cast doubt on the guilty verdict reached by the jury or to delay Glossip’s sentence of death. For that reason I am rejecting his request for a stay of execution.

“Nevertheless, I join our district attorney in urging Glossip’s legal team to present whatever information they have to a court of law. Courts, unlike my office, have the legal authority to grant an indefinite stay of execution or a retrial. Courts are the proper venue to present new information or evidence, and the attorneys representing Glossip have a moral and ethical duty to file legal documents and make their case in front of a judge.

“In the event that a court refuses to issue a stay, Richard Glossip will be executed tomorrow. I hope the execution brings a sense of closure and peace to the Van Treese family, who has suffered greatly because of Glossip’s crimes.”

Glossip, speaking from his death row cell, said he was surprised the governor didn't grant a stay, in light of the new evidence his attorneys presented Monday, but is saying he's not giving up.

Source: koco.com, September 15, 2015

Oklahoma inmate asks court to stop execution

Lawyers for an Oklahoma death-row inmate are asking a court to stop his upcoming execution.

Richard Glossip is scheduled to be executed Wednesday afternoon at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. He was convicted of ordering the beating death of a motel owner in 1997.

Glossip's lawyers went to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals on Tuesday to request an emergency stay of execution.

They say they have new evidence, including a signed affidavit from an inmate who served with Justin Sneed, the man convicted of killing the motel owner.

Glossip supporters say Sneed's fellow prisoner heard Sneed say Glossip was innocent and that he'd set Glossip up.

Glossip's lawyers say the court needs time to hear new evidence before the execution.

Gov. Mary Fallin has already denied a separate request for a stay.

Source: AP, September 15, 2015. 5:00 p.m. (local time)

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