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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another gay man thrown to his death by ISIS militants in Iraq

Barbarians: Gay man thrown to his death by ISIS militants in Iraq
Barbarians: Gay man thrown to his death by ISIS militants in Iraq 
Photos have revealed the moment that a gay man, blindfolded and bound, was murdered by Islamic extremists in northern Iraq.

Children are among the crowd as ISIS militants pushed the man off the top of a silo.

A jihadi appears to commentate on the killing using a microphone to talk to the baying mob below.

Tweeted by an ISIS Twitter account, it shows the victim at the top of the building with three extremists before he was thrown to his death.

These deaths are just adding to the dozens of killings of gay men under the depraved ISIS regime. ISIS have branded LGBTI people the ‘worst of creatures’. 

Many Muslims have criticized this, with some saying these extremists are misinterpreting the Qu’ran and that it does not state that homosexuality is a sin at all.

To ‘celebrate’ the US passing marriage equality, terrorists threw four gay men off a building in Raqqa, Syria on 26 June.

Mocking the message of victory, they posted: ‘Executed 4 GAY people by throwing him from High building in front of the people #LoveWins #IS.’

Source: Gay Star News, Joe Morgan, August 4, 2015

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