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Monday, June 15, 2015

Iran: 2 executed in Rasht; young man spared by victims' family at gallows

Iran Human Rights, June 15, 2015: According to official reports from the Department of Justice in Gilan, two prisoners with drug related charges were hanged to death in Lakan Prison (i.e. Rasht Central Prison) on Saturday morning. 

The report identifies the prisoners as E.M., 54 years old and Q.P., 44 years old.

The report claims that E.M. was charged with possession of 994 kg of heroin and Q.P. was charged with selling, buying, and possessing 24 kg of opium.

Source: Iran Human Rights, June 15, 2015

Iran: Victims' family forgives young killer at gallows

June 14, 2015: the execution of a 22-year-old man was halted at the very last minute in Arak, the capital of Markazi Province, the IRNA reported.

The unidentified convict had killed his aunt and her husband in 2013 when stealing from their home.

The victims' family forgave him early in the morning when he was brought to the site of his execution.

Sources: Tehran Times, HOC, June 15, 2015

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