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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bali drug accused De Malmanche escapes death penalty

New Zealander Antony De Malmanche
New Zealander Antony De Malmanche
Prosecutors say they will not be seeking the death penalty in the trial against Antony De Malmanche, the Kiwi accused of smuggling methamphetamine into Bali.

3 News reported prosecutors would not be seeking the death penalty, and instead argued he should be jailed for 18 years.

De Malmanche, 53, was arrested in December, when 1.7kg of crystal methamphetamine was found in his backpack at the airport.

His defence argues de Malmanche had been effectively brainwashed by hours of online chat with someone identifying as "Jessy Smith", whom he had fallen in love with.

They say the disability pensioner - who suffers mental illness and low IQ - was tricked into the Bali journey on the pretence of meeting Jessy.

Prosecutor Siti Sawiyah on Thursday submitted de Malmanche deserves 18 years jail.

The drugs had the potential to harm 1700 users as well as Bali's reputation, she said.

Ms Siti also argued much of last week's defence testimony, from two psychiatrists and a New Zealand pastor, should be considered irrelevant.

"They didn't explain the incident where the defendant was caught," she said. "With that, such testimony should be ignored."

She also wanted the court to disregard evidence from New Zealand barrister Craig Tuck, who told the court de Malmanche was not a trafficker, but a victim of trafficking.

"The defendant should not escape his responsibility for this crime ... He must be punished," she said.

The trial will continue later this month.

Source: The New Zealand Herald, June 12, 2015

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